Storage Interoperability Technologies

European IST 4th Framework programme


The STORit project investigates end-to-end solutions for the delivery of multimedia services to end-users involving the combination of a broadband delivery channel such as DVB, lower bandwidth connections such as internet and affordable local mass storage at the users home. The project will focus on two application areas: digital television and remote learning. In the television area, we will investigate ways to provide and obtain additional information to accompany the broadcasts, both incorporated in DVB and through separate channels. On the one hand, this will help the consumer to get easier access to the many services and sources of information provided, matched to his personal preferences. On the other hand, the service provider will have more and better means to lead the user to other services offered, such as related programs, publications, web sites, etc. In the remote learning area, we will focus on options for study at the users home, making extensive use of local storage, but also of low-bandwidth connections with teachers to achieve interactivity. Here too, personalised service will play an important role, in order to optimise the learning process for each individual student. A system will be developed to implement such end-to-end solutions. This will include tools to prepare content and additional data, a home storage system supporting several storage media and delivery channels, and user interfaces to present it all to the user in an intelligible and personalised way.