Share It

Share It

Content Sharing in home-to-home networks

European IST 5th Framework programme


Share it! is developing an end-to-end system that enables easy access to personal content shared between local storage devices in peer-to-peer networks. An important goal is to contribute to, and promote adherence to standards such as TV Anytime and DVB.

The Share it! project enables publishing of a user's content to a limited audience, controlled by the content creator and owner. This is achieved either by directly granting access rights to another user, or by establishing a home-to-home connection to enable the transfer of the content, or by transferring access management of multiple homes to another trusted party (eg another user or a third party server). In this way a "virtual" network of trusted homes is established to allow the sharing of content.The concept of a virtual network of homes can be extended to a network of users forming a community of interest.