IST Tiramisu

IST Tiramisu

The Innovative Rights and Access Management Inter-platform SolUtion

European IST 6th Framework programme.
Financing: EU IST 6th framework, Contract no. IST-2003-506983
Duration: November 2003 - December 2005
Project leader: Optibase (Israel)


TIRAMISU developed a complete end-to-end framework solution, consisting of hardware and software focussing on interoperability, use of open standards, and protection of intellectual assets. This solution serves as a proof of concept and as the foundation for wide deployment of equipment and networks that will augment the use of digital media Europe-wide and world-wide based on existing and emerging open standards. Such a solution must be comprised of contributions from various disciplines, integrating content management, security tools, streaming, networking and peer to peer solutions, as well as consumer devices and user applications.

Figure: TIRAMISU architecture demonstrator

LDOS role

LDOS lead the integration workpackage. The TIARMISU demonstrator developed in this workpackage was one of the primary goals of the project. LDOS also developed several application and services that facilitate the TIRAMISU demonstrator.

Project partners


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