IST Content4All

IST Content4All

IST Content4All

Title: Content4All (Cross-platform Tools for Community Content Publishing)
Funding: EU IST 6-ti okvirni program, pogodba št. IST-2-511480
Project coordinator: Gestion del Conosimiento (GEC) Barcelona, Španija
Duration: 01.09.2004-31.11.2006


The general objective of Content4All project is to develop an open-source cross–media framework under which sharing, communication and content management is to be provided using broadcast, wired and wireless distribution channels. Taking advantage of the “peer–to–peer” infrastructure, the proposed infrastructure is to be used for leisure, entertainment and communication purposes. More specific goals of the project are:

• To develop intelligent media management methodologies, for publishing/distribution over heterogeneous devices
• To develop an open-source Cross-media p2p platform for leisure, entertainment and communication.
• To implement simulations of different business models for the Cross-media p2p market
• To build-up a demonstrator in the tourism-information sector, interconnecting mobile phones, PDAs, PCs and iTV settop boxes

LDOS involvement

LDOS will provide a JXTA based p2p platform providing users with efficient exchange mechanisms for heterogeneous content. The p2p platform will be supported by a server system enabling basic communication mechanisms, content annotations, content ratings and other advanced community services, such as personalized (user tailored) content recommendations.

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