Project name: VICTORY (Audio-VIsual ConTent search and retrieval in a distributed P2P repositORY)
Financing: EU IST 6-ti okvirni program, pogodba št. IST-044985
Project coordinator: CERTH/Informatics and Telematics Institute, Solun, Grcija
Project duration: 01.01.2007-30.5.2009
LDOS project coordinator:dr. Matevz Pogacnik

Project synopsis

The main objective of VICTORY is the development of novel search and retrieval framework that allows easy integration of different search methodologies. This will result in an integrated platform which will allow processing and accessing data and knowledge by using ontology-based management and semantic-based retrieval mechanisms. The challenge within VICTORY is to bridge the gap between content-based and knowledge-based search and to apply this really innovative technology to MultiPedia content, especially to 3D objects.
Content-based search will be based on a) content, which will be extracted taking into account low-level geometric characteristics and b) context, which will be high-level features (semantic concepts) mapped to low-level features. VICTORY aims at introducing a solution so as to bridge the gap between low and high-level information through automated knowledge discovery and extraction mechanisms. High level features will be a) appropriate annotation options provided by the system or generated by the user dynamically (active learning) and b) relevance feedback where the user will mark which retrieved objects he thinks are relevant to the query (user’s subjectivity). These high-level features are expected to improve significantly the retrieved results.
VICTORY will also develop a P2P scheme so as to utilise not only the distributed data storage, but also the computational power of each peer for the pre-processing, interpreting, indexing, searching, retrieving and representing of MultiPedia data. Through the VICTORY framework, users will be able to handle, share and retrieve 3D and audio-visual data among peers around the world. Moreover, every peer will be responsible for extracting and indexing the features of the shared 3D data, thus the efficient manipulation of the 3D data will be accomplished.

LDOS role

LDOS will provide a JXTA based p2p platform providing users with efficient exchange mechanisms for heterogeneous content. The p2p platform will be supported by a server system enabling basic communication mechanisms,QoS experience and access to the p2p network for mobile devices.

Scheme 1

Scheme 2


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